In Part 1 we looked at how (most) men, mistakenly, believe that “external”, physical qualities are all important when it comes to attracting women, namely; looks, body image, wealth (and all it’s material trappings) and achievements.

This causes guys to into “impress” mode when they first approach and start talking to women, in the mistaken belief that they find it attractive.

OK, that’s part of the problem. There’s something else going on that’s far more subtle and unfortunately, far more destructive when it comes to lack of success with women and… Continue reading

Body image?  Wealth?  Success?

How many of you blame one (or more) of the following to account for your lack of success with women?

  • I’m not good looking
  • I’m too short
  • I’m overweight
  • I’m underweight
  • I’m not “ripped”
  • My penis is too small
  • My job
  • Not enough money
  • My car
  • My lack of achievements and successes

If you experience rejection from women on a regular basis it can really knock your self confidence and it’s only natural to want to blame it on something tangible.

“If only I could change this one aspect of myself, everything will change and women will be attracted to me and life will be happy”.

Men are brought up and are conditioned to believe that Continue reading

This article is a follow up to two of my previous articles:

Online Dating – The facts about online dating that will help you stay ahead of the competition

Online Dating – Creating an attractive profile that will actually have women contacting you

Read the above articles and discover why the two profile examples, I’m about to give you, are attractive to women and will have them contacting you.

Important points to remember when writing a profile: Continue reading

Learn the lessons from this book and you’ll streamline your gaming, saving you hours of fruitless interactions with inappropriate women/girls.

This book is great if you’re a busy guy, on the move, who is unable to or doesn’t want to spend all his free time “gaming” in bars and clubs.

I like this book and even though I’ve read a number of “pick-up” books, I was still able to take some valuable lessons from “The System”.

Amazon reviews were mixed, but generally favorable. Some claimed it to be “basic” and “simplistic”.

The word I would use is “efficient”.

“The System” is focused purely on helping you find, identify and meet the women who are the “most likely” to want to have sex with you, the same day you meet them.

“The System” teaches you: Continue reading

Why is a site dedicated to helping men meet women producing an article to help women meet men through online dating?

Because, having read many female profiles, I feel compelled to do so.

I started using online dating sites about three years ago and in that time I have viewed hundreds, if not thousands of profiles (both female and male).

Your profile is your chance to portray your “looks” and something of your “personality” to the rest of the world, in order to attract a potential partner.

The trouble is Continue reading

If you haven’t done so already, read my previous article, in this series, Online Dating – The facts about online dating that will help you stay ahead of the competition, to help you understand why the profiles I’m about to give you WORK.

To recap

97% of men who try online dating give up within the first three months.


Because they don’t receive any messages from women, either in response to their profile’s or the messages they send.

The good news is that;

3% of men do receive messages.

Let that sink in for a minute.

3% of men receive 100% of the messages that ALL women send.

To become part of the 3% you have to;

“stop thinking like a man and start thinking like a woman”

Most guys create “left brain” profiles, that is, profiles that are:

  • logical
  • factual
  • efficient

Left brain profiles tend to lack humor and are full of lists of adjectives and nouns – adjectives and nouns that most guys use.

On the positive side, a left brain profile would be great if they were trying to attract a man.

The trouble is that most women Continue reading

“Women are only attracted to jerks”

“Treat ’em mean keep ’em keen”

“Nice guys finish last”

“Nice guys never win”

“Nice guys never get the girl”

Guys quote these sort of lines all the time.

But are they true? Continue reading


Part 1

Part 2

In Part 3 we looked at how affirmations can be used to help change how we feel about ourselves. Because how we feel about ourselves determines how we let others treat us.

How do you challenge disrespect and demand respect?

When you demand respect, you’re basically telling somebody how you want to be treated. As soon as disrespect rears it ugly little head, the first requirement is to… Continue reading

See Creating Attraction – Introduction

For us guys, opening up to a stranger, emotionally, just goes against everything we were conditioned to believe.

Most guys learn from an early age, especially at school, that showing “emotion” puts them in a very vulnerable position. A position that can be brutally exploited by the less savory of our peers.

As a result, most guys learn to hide their emotions. It’s a defense mechanism that protects them from having their vulnerabilities exploited and ridiculed.

Even worse, guys who show their emotions are somehow seen as a weak, by other guys.

As a result, most guys have difficulty in “opening up” emotionally to anyone.

This, in turn, results in men developing a kind of “emotionless” way of communicating with other people.

This can be a problem for women because… Continue reading

In my experience, staying ahead of the competition is actually not that difficult when you have an ATTRACTIVE profile.


Because most male online dating profiles are not attractive to women.

Here’s an interesting statistic I discovered:

97% of men who try online dating give up within the first three months.

Why? Continue reading


Part 1

In Part 2 we established that nasty and hurtful words can have a negative and destructive affect on the way we feel about ourselves and that if nobody else ever tells us anything different, that those feelings can stay with us.

The good news is that we can reprogram ourselves.

Also in Part 2, I set you a task. I asked you to make a list of the things about yourself you don’t like or you want to change. So, by now, you should have a list in front of you. Continue reading

“Oh, you mean only target the pretty, sexy girls and avoid the overweight and ugly ones”

Unfortunately, this is the ONLY criteria that most guys use when approaching women.

Once the hormones start kicking in, in those early teen years, the only criteria that becomes important for most males, when choosing a partner,  are “Youth” and “Beauty” (OK, breasts, ass and legs as well).

Guys are all about the visual. See a pretty face or a sexy body and within a few seconds he’s turned on and ready to have sex with with this vision of beauty.

Unfortunately this whole process creates a phenomenon known as the “Testosterone Fog”. A substance that turns perfectly sensible, rational males into gibbering idiots, causes them to place women on pedestals and put up with any shit these beauties decide to dish out in the desperate hope of receiving their all important approval.

Now, I’m not saying you should consider approaching the women who make no effort with their appearance, far form it. What I’m saying is yes, by all means, go for “Youth” and “Beauty”, but then take it a step further.

Knowing who NOT to date is all about… Continue reading

I’ve just performed a Google search for “online dating websites”. It’s given me 6,790,000 results.

So where do you start?

Do you use one of the free sites or do you go for a subscription site?

Beware of any dating website that asks for money.

It seems that everyone and his mother are jumping on the online dating bandwagon and setting up a (subscription) dating website in the hope of making big money.

In the face of ever increasing competition, the owners of these (subscription) dating websites are… Continue reading

Mystery (real name Erik von Markovik) one of the big names in the pick up/ seduction community and respected for his massive contribution to our understanding of female psychology and the art of becoming more attractive to women.

Mystery came to prominence and rose to celebrity status with his reality TV show “The Pick Up Artist”.

It would be an understatement to say that this book contains a lot of information. Continue reading


In Part 1 we established that many people avoid challenging disrespect, for many reasons.

You ignore a disrespect at your peril. Why? At the risk of repeating myself:

Ignoring a disrespect is as good as giving the perpetrator permission to do it again. Even worse, it’s like giving others permission to do the same.

If you ignore a disrespect, it’s like telling others: I have no respect for myself, so go ahead and disrespect me.

Lack of confidence and an inability or lack of desire to stand up for yourself is a big turn off for women. Continue reading

Part 1

In Part 2 we looked at the method for Working the Room, which is designed to help you get used to approaching groups of women and interacting with them without the pressure of getting phone numbers.

The Psychology of Working the Room

You might be under the impression that Working the Room is just about interacting with groups of women. But actually, your actions are creating a couple of dynamics within the venue.

As in the past, on a night out, you would sit there talking to your mates, while at the same time checking out all the hot women in the room. Well guess what? Continue reading


Before I start I would like to make it perfectly clear that this series of articles is written from my own, personal, point of view and born out of personal experience. I make no claims as to the effectiveness of the method for personal change I advocate. My only claim is that it worked for me.

Confidence is the single most important quality that I’ve acquired when it comes to approaching and talking to women.

So why is having confidence so important?

Simple answer… Continue reading

Online dating websites can work well for you providing that you’re careful and that you don’t rush into parting with your hard earned cash.

So you’re single; young or old, divorced or widowed and you’ve decided to give online dating a go.

Sounds easy; choose a site, create a profile and wait for the offers to come rolling in – simples.

If only it was that easy.

For a start, which online dating website should you use?

There are lots to choose from, some free and some you have to subscribe to.


Do not… Continue reading

Learning to deal with disrespectful behavior was a lesson that, literally, changed my life.

This article was inspired by Tony Clink, from his book “The Layguide”, chapter 14 “The Relationship”. It was this section that made me realize that ignoring disrespectful behavior was the major cause of all my past relationship problems and associated unhappiness.

Having self respect is at the core of what it means to be an Alpha Male. Some forms of disrespect are obvious, other forms are more subtle, but no less important to deal with.

Not dealing with disrespectful behavior, at the beginning of a relationship, sets a precedent for how you will be treated, by a partner, throughout the life that relationship. Not dealing with it now is setting you up for unhappiness in the future.

You ignore disrespect, even subtle forms, at your peril. So heed this lesson.

So what constitutes disrespectful behavior? Continue reading

or, to give it its full title

The Layguide – How to seduce women more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible (no matter what you look like or how much you earn).

It was (the online version of The Layguide) that Neil Strauss discovered, back in 2004 (I’m unable to determine the exact date or year) that led to the publication of his book “The Game” in 2005.

I like this book. Lots of information:

Quick Dating Tip

Don't approach her with the attitude of trying to win her approval

Don't tell her she's beautiful. She knows she's beautiful and she hears it all the time.

Don't try to impress her by listing all your achievements and telling her how much money you have. It'll only bore her.

Don't start agreeing with everything she says. Have your own opinions.

Grovelling chumps say these things ALL THE TIME in a pathetic attempt to win her approval.

Separate yourself from the grovelling chumps.

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